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Welcome to the Webmaster Area!

If you're new on this page, or new to submitting to the Hun's Yellow Pages in general please make yourself familiar with the does and don'ts. We haven't got many rules, but we do expect people to respect these rules.

Thumbs-Up! The Hun's Thumbs-Up is completely revamped!! You can now submit to thumbs-up in this same webmaster submit program. Another source for great (free!) traffic!

Regarding Mobile Redirects We caught a lot of people redirecting their mobile traffic to a sponsor. This is a reason for us to add them to the blacklist! Over 10% of our traffic comes from mobile devices. We will not allow those people to get redirected! Also, I don't understand why you don't treasure the mobile traffic to your galleries. People will be using mobile devices more and more. Don't just redirect them to a paysite...

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