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Repeat Infringer Policy

We will terminate access to our website to repeat copyright infringers.

As set forth here, you may not post any content (a song, a story, an article, a drawing, a photograph, etc.) owned by someone else in a manner that violates another’s copyright. When you do so, the copyright owner(s) of that content may notify us that you don’t have their permission to post their content on the site, and have violated their copyright. If we get repeated notices that you have posted others’ copyrighted content on our site without permission, we may terminate your access to our site.

We have a system for keeping track of repeat violators of copyright, and determining when to terminate your access to our website:

Generally, when content is removed that you posted because the copyright owner of that content sent us a complete legal request to do so, we will have a record of that request.

If we receive repeated requests to take down content that you have posted on our site due to an alleged copyright violation, your access to our site will be terminated. However, if you submit a counter-notification in response to the copyright owner’s notice within two weeks after receiving a Notice of Infringement or that counter-notice is not answered by the copyright owner or the copyright owner retracts his or her notice [or if the dispute leads to legal proceedings that result in a court finding that you have not infringed the owner’s copyright], we will not take any action against you for violation of copyright or rescind any action that we have taken unless and until the content is found to be infringing.

Name of Agent Designated to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement:

Eric S. Wachspress

Full Address of Designated Agent to Which Notification Should be Sent:

Eric Wachspress
417 S. Jefferson St., #304
Chicago, Illinois 60607 USA