Webmaster Submit Program BèTA

Webmaster Info

Welcome to the webmaster info and rules page. We have many webmasters submitting to us, we hand pick the best galleries from all submissions, make the description, and add the link on our site. At no charge!

There are some rules though. Some things you should do, some things you shouldn't.

What we are looking for

We list all sorts of different galleries. We prefer picture and movie galleries, stories, illustrated blogs, etc. Don't limit your imagination with what you see listed. If you have something new or original it might be just what we want. There is no minimum or maximum to the number of pictures or movies that should be on a gallery, but remember: we get more submissions that we can list, so we pick the best ones. If you keep your submissions above the average you're bound to get listed!

A good idea is to check the daily listings on the Yellow Pages to see what other people get listed with. Don't look for the worst gallery or the least amount of pictures somebody has on, look at the general average.

What we are not looking for

Popups, popunders, redirects, blind links and misleading or otherwise annoying tactics. We've been running this page since 1995. One of the reasons for this is that we treat our visitors with respect. People don't mind banners, they'll even sign up if you have something good to offer, but tricking them into clicking on banners or such - or offering stuff for free that isn't free - will only piss them off and make them afraid to click on banners or sign up for anything ever again. We're in this for the long term, our blacklist is mainly occupied by sites disrespecting The Hun's Yellow Pages or it's visitos by sneaking in blind links or adding/changing content once it's listed.

We're not listing entire sites, landing pages, disclaimers and things like that. People coming to the Hun's Yellow Pages want to see content, so that's what we link to.

We're not looking for FHG's (Free Hosted Galleries). First of all we're not really looking to get the same stuff everybody else is linking to. Secondly, if we want to link FHG's it would be better for us to sign up ourselves, isn't it? Be creative, put some extra content on there, put in a little efford. In return we'll send some quality visitors! If we happen to come across a good FHG you run the risk of getting ID replaced...

Do not submit illigal content of content that isn't yours.

Seal of Approval

Galleries that have a great layout (read: unique) and/or great content will get The Hun's Thumbs-Up Seal of Approval. It's our way of saying thanks for going unique on content, a design or whatever you did to make a submission stand out from the rest. The more outstanding it is the more seals you'll get!

Our Blacklist

We have a robot checking all links before they're stored in the database. This robot also checks all links that are listed on the site (and on search.thehun.net). If stuff is added or changed links will normally be taken down and we'll review what changed. If people added advertising or blind links we will blacklist the submitter. Also blacklisted are people that redirect traffic coming from mobile devices or certain countries.


More and more people surf the Yellow Pages using a mobile device. We made a page specialized for these devices. If your gallery will work on a mobile device you will automatically be listed on the mobile version of The Hun as well. You can submit sites just for mobile devices. These will be listed on the mobile version.

We do want to point out again that domains redirecting mobile traffic to a sponsor will be blacklisted. Even when they're not listed on the mobile page. People surf the regular version with their handhelds as well...

The Hun's Overflow

The Hun's Overflow is a collection of 'over complete' submissions that are presented categorised. We post about 100 links daily and we want to cover pretty much every niche out there. But in some cases we get too many galleries in a day that cover the same niche. In these cases sites will be listed on The Hun's Overflow. Don't see this as a site of rejects, it's not! The traffic from there is consistent and we received very good reports from people that got listed there.


Thumbs up is a page where you submit 3 pictures, a banner and a link to your site. We will generate a thumbnail which we'll host for you. The user will see your banner and link to your site with they click the thumb to view the full picture. You host that full picture. Listing is free as always and you can submit as often as you like. Just make sure you don't re-post anything! See thumbs-up for a basic idea.

The banners must be leaderboard banners. Banners that are too big will be declined. Please do not link your image to a console heaven or anything like that. The link will be checked regularly and links to sites that show no respect to the user will be removed.


We don't require a reciprocal, but we do appreciate it highly! people sending in their galleries are providing the Yellow Pages with content. Without the galleries we would be a site without content. In fact, we decline galleries with too many reciprocals on them. Replace the recprocals with a couple of pics and you'll have a cleaner gallery with more content, thus a better chance of getting listed.

Check our banners to grab some pre-made links.